Swimming Lessons



Maureen Kearney, PT


I began competitive swimming at the age of eight in Wisconsin.  Given a choice of sports, my older brother joined the local swim team, and his strong willed younger sister declared, "If he can do it, I can do it too!"  That was my motto.  Over 40 years later, I am  thankful my brother chose swimming.  In some fashion, water has always been a part of my life - whether on a high school team, summers life-guarding and teaching swim lessons, four years of college swimming, guiding kayak tours on the Monterey Bay, countless hours ocean swimming along the Kona coast or providing aqua therapy to patients - the water has been and continues to be a source of enjoyment and friendships and a provider of many life lessons.  Swimming even played matchmaker as I met my husband masters swimming near Chicago.  After wearing fins and chasing me for a few weeks, he finally asked me out.

Learning to swim is an important and necessary life skill.  Whether you are a child or an adult, beginner or advanced, everyone can improve their swimming skills and their comfort in the water.