February 1, 2017

Maureen Kearney

Sleep: An overlooked and underappreciated component of health.

The importance of sleep, the negative consequences of sleep deprivation and steps you can take to improve your sleep and therefore overall health.   Sleep.  Why is sleep so difficult some nights?  It was just a few nights into my family’s current road trip when I found myself wide awake, struggling to sleep.  I lay …Read More…

October 27, 2016

Maureen Kearney

Change: Do you embrace it with courage or shy away from it with fear?

Change is a natural part of life and an opportunity for personal growth.  However, too often fear prevents us from having courage and embracing change.    This is the conversation I had with my six year old daughter, Sam, while driving to the grocery store yesterday.   Me:  “ Are you happy or sad about …Read More…

October 17, 2016

Maureen Kearney

Muscle Strength: Build it with resistance training or lose it. The choice is yours.

The importance of resistance training and how to start a strength building program.   I was working in the kitchen when I suddenly heard my six year old daughter yell, “take the pillow out Mom!  Hurry!”  I ran into the other room and found her in a handstand against the wall, arms pushing up strong …Read More…

September 5, 2016

Maureen Kearney

Dessert Dilemma: How sweet it is…or is not?

Dessert ideas designed to help reduce added sugar intake while simultaneously providing a sweet treat.   After my post on sugar, many people asked if I have sweet treats in my household.   Many wondered what my 5 year old daughter eats, or perhaps is allowed, for sweets.  True, kids love sweets, and a child is …Read More…

July 26, 2016

Maureen Kearney

Back Pain. Is it inevitable or can you prevent it?

Why is back pain so common and what can be done to reduce your risk.    Driving through California’s central valley on the way to a recent camping trip, I couldn’t help but notice the fields of fruits and vegetables.  The green plants were such a stark contrast to the golden hills. I also couldn’t …Read More…